Man and his Mop

Pole to the ground,

Straggly coarse strings at his lips,

He holds a mop to the

height of his eyes.


A moment of longing,

strength withholding,

the life of the cleaning utensil



I turn to the right, a moment of distraction,

and then to the left,  a desire of hope,

In the futility of life,

the man is gone;

His memory is wiped away by the mops of my mind.


Seconds of Time pass,

Dirt accumulates on earthen soil and

Clutter grows into ripen trees.


In the fertility of green,

the once shirtless old, balding man,

strolls back into my vision,

his torso clothed.


The afternoon cleaning shift has just begun.

I shall get on with travelling!

The original purpose of this blog was to travel through six different Art forms and I feel that now is just about the right time to continue to stay focused with that purpose.

If I feel the interspersing need to express myself through poetry/prose/haikus, I’ll do that whenever. Otherwise, the travelling can carry on.

Our next stop is Mozambique.