Welcome to [Art]iculate Culture.

This blog is a way of sharing my thoughts about the imbalance and mysteries of this world with you, through Art.

I’m sure all of us have had qualms about Existence and the Injustices of this world. We suffer together in various ways.

The load becomes bearable when we learn how to shift our worries and channel our energies to useful ventures, like the creation of Art. Poetry in particular, allows, as much as possible, for Expression through an unprejudiced lens.

The Poetry I write takes form because of (1) my newfound consciousness or due to (2) my restlessness in being unable to find a quick solution for the devastating  suffering of others. I do hope that you’ll enjoy the Art I create. It’s my little bit that I can give to this world before life eventually comes to an end.

Thank you for visiting this Blog. I hope that you’ll leave some words here before you depart!