Conversation gone wrong

A: Look at that slug

B: (uninterestedly listening) Okay

A: It has life. It is living.


A: We have life and we’re living.

B: Okay

A: Who gave us life?

B: (blank look)

A: God ? Something gave us all life perhaps.

B: (Does not respond and looks distracted)

A: (trying to appeal to B’s love of Hinduism) It is said that when you pray and meditate deeply enough, you understand the oneness in all living beings, in everything that has life. Imagine how it feels like to be one with God… To understand the spirit, we have to realise how everything around us in united in One.

B: (In a condescending tone) How do you pray?

A: (taken aback and afraid to genuinely answer) I.. (pause) I don’t know really. I.. just talk to God I suppose.

B: Oh, which God?

A; Just generally..

B: What? (growing angrier) To Jesus? To your Jesus and your Church?

A: No, no. I never said that. I don’t talk to Jesus.. I don’t really know how exactly to pray you see. It’s different every time. Sometimes, I talk to God when I look at nature and sometimes I personally speak to something when I feel like.

B: (resolutely and firmly) This is how you pray. You say ‘Om Shivaya Namaha’

A: (puzzled) Alright.. well. You can’t just tell me what to say to pray..

B: I’m telling you, you say that.

A: Well, i can’t just say Om Shivaya Namaha..I don’t quite even know what that means..

B: Then, what do you pray?

A:  (says quickly) Om Shivaya Namaha Om Shivaya Namaha.. I can’t even understand what that doesn’t make sense. just yet..I’ve tried it before but I think I would rather speak.

B: (rises up angrily and points a wagging finger at A) Don’t you DARE insult MY GOD. I’m telling you, don’t you dare insult MY GOD.

A: (even more puzzled) Hang on there. I didn’t insult anyone. How can you say its YOUR God? You don’t even own him. I’m sure God wouldn’t say he’s just yours.

B: Firstly, you learn how to manage your ego. You think you’re so intelligent?

A: I’m not egoistic. I don’t want to fight with you.

B: (walks away)

A; Excuse me? Wait. Can we just settle this.

B: (storms back angrily) What? You are hurting me so much by insulting MY God. How dare you make fun?

A: (raises voice) FIRSTLY, I didn’t make fun of… It’s also not YOUR God.. God doesn’t just belong to you, I would like to think…In fact, I was insulting mysel..

B: You listen here. Let me make it clear to you.

A: (watches B walk back and stand in front)

B: I brought you to Church when you were young because I was stupid enough to follow the Church and his family- those terrible people. I wanted my children to have friends so I brought you to Church when you were young and to attend  Catechism.

A: Ok. How is that related now? I don’t see any relation to what you’re trying to get at or how this is linked to the insult.

B: You learn how to respect your Mother firstly. (glares angrily at A)

A: Well, stop accusing me unnecessarily because I didn’t insult anyone or anything.

B: Then, do you go to the temple? I don’t see you going.

A: I don’t go to the Church either.

B: I don’t care about your stupid Church.

A: Well, I can’t go to the temple in the evenings..I have work.

B: What big work are you talking about? It’s not as if you even work full time.

A: Well, I don’t know the time and which you want me to go. Anyway, I have gone to the temple by my own will before and walked around. How would you know what I do?

B: Oh. When was the last time you went?

A: I.. well..

B: What? Last week?

A: Months ago..

B: Well, let me teach you about…

A : (angrily) You don’t have to teach me. I know what time to go there. I just haven’t gone because most of my evenings are taken up by work.

B: Enough..don’t give me excuses. Why don’t you just listen to me when I teach you how to pray?

A: Well, I don’t need you teach me because I can certainly learn more about what the slogans mean when I read a book or search the internet up. Certainly much more than what you can tell me.

B: Why are you hurting your mother like that? You have caused me a terrible headache now. You have no respect for anyone..

A: (stares into the distance feeling completely hopeless for being scolded terrible because she believed that she could share her personal life of prayer with her mother for the first time in months)

B: You are an overly sensitive and overly emotional person.. I’m telling you..

A: I know that perfectly well

B: Then, how dare you make fun of your sister for being sensitive? You have no right to speak about her.

A: I never made fun of her..

B: You said she shouldn’t be thinking about her size and she shouldn’t be thinking about..

A: I shared my opinions with you and you did the same and I wasn’t making fun..Stop accusing me falsely?

B: Okay, you settle this now. Why did you call me here for?

A: There’s nothing to settle. I just wanted to clarify that I was not making fun of anyone or anything. 

B: Now, you tell me from the bottom of the heart. Do you believe in the Hindu Gods or the Hindu religion?

A: Well, that’s the silliest question ever as I’ve been honestly trying to learn about it. Why on earth would I sit in front of the altar and stare at it?

B: I know.. (Calms down immediately) I know.. that makes your mother so happy. Do you know that? When I see you in front of the altar.. It makes me so happy, do you know that?

A: Well, obviously I know that. I’m not dumb. (feels extremely uncomfortable internally)

B starts to cry as if the whole world has attacked her and disrespected her)

The cyclical speech somehow finds a way to start all over again and wrench both parties to a terrible state of exhaustion.

A just thinks she should never speak her heart out or be honest with B ever. The solution for A to keep peace is perhaps just a set of 2 actions. Just nod and pretend that she agrees with A- on anything and everything. 














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