Predatory Affair

This poem was inspired by a news article I recently read about a husband stabbing his wife upon discovering that she wanted to leave him to be with another man she had been having an affair with.  After stabbing his wife, Gallear rang the emergency services and claimed that he had lost it. 

Predatory Affair

Lost it, lost it, I lost

it, her — my mind, the knife, everything we —

Where is she? 

In our — this house, the kitchen floor.

I tried chest compressions, her– more

blood spews onto my face, eyelids,

Blinking away guilt,

nothing stems the bleeding.

What happened?

My wife chose another man over


To let a married man drive himself into

you? One. I’ll drive this into your–

Two. To love a man with a wife,

more than you love me?

You ungrateful–

She deserves it. 

Cloudy incomprehension reduces

sanity into a soundless blur.

No, this is not revenge. This is


Onwards, and onwards!  Knifing the filthy flesh on her

skeletal chest. Animal–

“What are you doing? I still love you,”

she sputters, and —

I Snap,

My blood curdling machinery malfunctions.

You lie on our Family kitchen tiles-

a slaughtered prey.

Daughters we’ve made by bestiality,

once walked upon your death bed unknowingly.

If I had known this were to happen,

I would have chained my paws, long before our

Love turned threadbare,

long before I turned from Husband to Predator.

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