Reasons for Mum hating my Name

I’ve not revealed my name on this blog but it means ‘Shining Light’. Light shines more brightly in darkness and I aspire to bring hope to those trapped in darkness.

But, my name remains unspoken in my family. It has not always been this way but this absurdity started to strongly unfurl 2 years ago.

If any of my family member has accidentally uttered my name, an uneasy silence follows. This baffles me, because I didn’t choose my name. I was taught to articulate my name by a person who now denies me of my identity, yet loves me. Reflecting on all that has happened over the years, it’s not my name which my Mother hates.

She does not like the religion which my name reminds her of: Christianity. 

Then, probing deeper into the situation,

I realise that it’s not the the religion she dislikes.

She dislikes the heinous and vengeful people she knows of, who hide behind their mask of that religion. 

My thoughts:

One should understand that every human  is a sinner, and is prone to sin.

  • Even someone who claims to be following a religion devoutly, can be a sinner. This does not mean that the religion is the culprit.

The church is a place for sinners, not for saints.

Those who claim to practise Christianity should take pride in being outcasts.

  • Christ exudes humility and boundless love.
  • To follow his footsteps in this competitive earth filled with worldly ambitions, is a challenge.  It’s so easy to appear to be gullible and foolish in the eyes of others, when one goes all out in trying to be compassionate and generous.
  • Still, Christ was crucified and I feel that a Christian should practise his or faith, accepting that it is only natural to suffer in the process. Suffering multiplies the joy experienced in every moment of happiness.

“So, the last will be first and the first will be the last.”



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