Off to Dublin in a Week!

I’ve been writing quite a bit the past two weeks but storing my content as drafts. By the time I get back to working on a Draft, I’ve lost interest to get on with that, since other concerns have been a plague to my mind.

I’ll get around to completing them when I’m back in Singapore.

With that being said, I’ll be off to the UK in about four days and will be heading to Dublin just for 2 days and a night. I would have loved to extend the duration of the trip but was unable to do so as a result of work, and also because of a need to meet my travel companion’s needs. My travel companion and I have different reasons for visiting Dublin. She wants to visit Trinity College Library. As for myself, I wanted to visit the Countryside for a trek but I will not be able to do so, given the extremely short duration of the trip.

So, it’ll be a city trip and I do not fancy shopping in a city. No, never have. I hope that experiencing Trinity College Library will be enough to bring a smile to our faces.

After all, this city has a charm of its own, doesn’t it?

The whole idea of the trip is to spoon some of that charm into our pockets.


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