Changing the Purpose of this Blog

More than two years ago, I had started a blog called ‘thedailycognitive’ which was focused on poetry, daily reflections and literary musings about food. For close to more than a year, I had not written in it.

2015 and 2016 were trying years during which I experienced an even more violent turbulence in my mind which severely affected all my relationships, as I was forced to requestion my understanding of God and hide behind a lie with regards to my job. I was forced to make changes to my identity as well. ( I still am)

At the end of 2016, my sister and I decided to start (Art)iculate Culture, a medium whereby which we could travel the whole of the world through Art forms. Setting a time frame from all that travel was supposed to be a fuel to power us ahead.

However, eventually, we found that taking just one week to travel a country through Art was too short. Forcing ourselves to leave one country and head to the next during the following week, took away the peace one would usually get from travel. A stagnation in writing occured as we tried figuring out what to do next.

In the meanwhile, this year, I had a compulsion to get back to thedailycognitive and start writing my daily artistic reflections.However, I have been locked out of my account and no measure seems to get me back into it. 

Instead of letting the rules for (Art)iculate Culture control me, I’m going to simply use this blog for Poetry and Reflections too.

With regards to travel, we shall head to a country when the mood is right.

Thanks for everyone’s support 🙂


Featured Image: ‘Poetry’ by David Goehring



9 thoughts on “Changing the Purpose of this Blog

    1. I’m so happy to hear from you- especially on a day when I feel really gloomy and lost. So many questions on what I’m doing with my life?! At least, I’m writing and someone is reading it 🙂 That makes me incredibly at peace. Thank you so much!

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      1. Hey, I have had that feeling myself, that’s why I am writing even though some of my subjeci matter may make some people uncomfortable. I am calling it the way I see it. I hope is some small way that our connecting when you were feeling down helps you. Yes, I am reading your stuff. I guess I am searching, trying to make sense of things.. I have similar feelings, I ask myself all the time what is the point and what am I doing?
        My life has not been that great, I really can’t blame anyone other than myself. I could have done better, but there’s no point going over my mistakes. I should try and learn from them. It’s nice to talk to you and if you ever want to talk my Email is My name is Kathy

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      2. Glad you’re writing even if your subject material might make others uneasy, Kathy! If you feel like it has to be written, it really should! You have the right to express yourself and I’m pleased to be able to read your posts. I understand that life has not been great and you’re courageous to firstly accept that you might have made a mistake. Thank you for your e-mail. If you ever need to talk too, do know that I’m always happy to listen too 🙂 I’m Clarabelle and my e-mail is:

        Will be actively reading your upcoming posts! 😀

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      3. Thanks so much Clara belle, it is nice to meet you.. I think age has made me the wiser. I am 54 years old It was a mile stone hitting 40, and then along comes 50, and then you start thinking about things differently. When you are young, you are headstrong and think you are invincible and have plenty of time, but you really don’t, it foes by very fast.Thanks for the Email. It would be nice to chat. I do feel I have to not say everything I feel for fear of offending some readers, but you are right. I have to and should be true to my convictions.

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      4. Yes, be true to your convictions and when you get honest opinions, you might or might not change the way you feel about things. 🙂 I’m fairly young but I can see myself at your age. Time has gone by quickly and will continue to speed forward. Since young, Death has always been close by. It’s been a tangible presence so I never treat it as an illusion. I wholly accept Death and treat every day as a gift. I’m happy when I wake up and have eyes to see.. or all my body parts are in tact. 🙂

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      5. I feel the same way about death. That has only come to me in the past few years. I am not really afraid of it, unless of course I am suffering, but you can’t get away from it, it is a fact of living, there has to be an end. It’s hard for us, when it happens to someone we care about because we don’t want to let go. You are right every day, is a new day, and a gift. I consider myself lucky to have made it this far and all my body parts intact. I’ve tried to be honest about how I feel and my positions on certain subjects. I don’t like to or want to offend anyone, but I also don’t feel like I should not say how I feel.

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