Baltic Spy Guide [Lithuania]

Country: Lithuania

The Lithuanians must really have had enough of the Russians.

Much of Lithuania’s history is steeped under Russia’s control. From 1795 to 1918, the Russian Empire ruled them. That’s roughly 123 years.

Just when the Lithuanians were about to pick up from their past and find a voice of their own, they were victims once again of the Soviet occupation from 1940 to 1990, forced to learn the language of their oppressors as the Russian language was mandatory.

It seems like the country is still living in fear but at least the citizens are now receiving spy training.

The Spy Guide

Lithuania published a 75-page guide in its capital for three million of its citizens in October on how to…be a spy.

Even schools and libraries will have this guide. In the manual supported with detailed images of Russian-made tanks, grenades, mines and guns, Lithuanians will be taught how to spy on their enemy and report their presence to the government hotline in case they feel suspicious of anyone being a spy.

It is the third time the Lithuanian government has distributed such a handbook since the Russian annexation of Crimea.
The last one that it published in December 2015, was entitled “Prepare to survive emergencies and war: a cheerful take on serious recommendations.”
They’ve certainly gotten more serious about their enemy.


Can Lithuania depend on NATO? 

Although Lithuania is a part of NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), it knows that Putin believes that NATO might not risk a full-scale continent wide war for a small Baltic nation such as itself.

We wonder what the Lithuanians think about NATO having its back. Despite the hope they might thrive on, the country still needs to independently step up its defence efforts, especially in this era of uncertainty.

For starters, Lithuania has announced just this year that it would restart military conscription for men aged 19-26 although it had previously abolished it in 2008.

Fair enough.


Feature Image: Spy by Alex LA, Flickr.


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